Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Blog

This blog is so yesterday, so I made another blog called 2009 Journal, yea I know so creative. LOL :-P
Check it out.

January 10, 2009

The power of saying NO.. O I love it... Hubby went to work.. First he asked and pestered me about going.. I says "NO"... ahhh I get to stay home and watch the Playoffs.. I really want to watch Tenn. Titans go down.. I really do.. If the Giants win.. we might go to Florida to watch it.. But we have too much animals.. My neighbor is prolly tired of babysitting... I want to save the babysitting for our vacation this summer.

I always say No more animals after these.. so we can just move into a Condo.. maybe a couple (one in the east and the other in the west).. so we can just go wherever we want..

Ever heard of wife credit? LOL, you gotta know.. I'm gonna watch the game now.. It's too intense.. then we got another one later.. that I don't care who wins.. BUT tomorrow is tha GIANTS!! They so better win!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

January 9, 2009

I just woke up from my cat naps.. I was worried about Grandson all night and couldn't sleep. Ha ha ha, and I wanted to have eight children??? Ah ha ha ha.. that is soooo funny. What would I have been like now??? O my gosh!! eeee he he he hee..

I really want to take hubby somewhere for his birthday.. well hubby and Grandson's birthday.. I am thinking Disney. I just gotta start saving and start booking flights and making grand reservations... I love vacationing, who doesn't???

Grandson had his surgery today.. Since his surgery is by one of the places I need to go, I dropped off Grandpa and Grandson and I took care of what I need to do down the road. Timing was great, when I was about 50 yards from the location Hubby called and said he was done and out. I could hear him crying.. O dear, he cried. I hurried and parked and ran in the room and got him. Ah Brain.. I left the keys in the ignition.. so naturally the doors didn't lock.. in a way, when I took him out.. Everything was all set to go.. My baby, he looked at me and cried some more.. I hummed and rocked him.. sing him little songs.. Finally he fell back asleep..

NOW.. he is playing and said he doesn't have an oweee.. I guess it's time for ice cream.. huh?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 8, 2009

Mid-Life Crisis..

I think I had just gone through my Mid-Life Crisis... Tattoos, Piercings, Mustangs, the No-No's, and mega jamming and living it. It was sure was fun though. All in New Mexico and Cali.. Tell me about a rush (sigh).

Now, I am re-focusing on reality. The thing about this, when you take a break for a bit, it seems like you just have to start all over again.

My project.. I thought it would be simple to do. OMG!! It's NOT! I am still looking for that right partners to chime in with me.. Where TH do you find these people???? Not only that, we have start up cost to think of. Hubby was willing to pay the cost, but thanks to my crap... the money went to fix my problem.. stinks. I really need to put a push to it, because I plan on having it running by next summer.

Tomorrow, my baby, he is getting another surgery. Ohhh that boy, I swear... he goes through so much for a toddler.. This is like his gazzillion surgery.. I am like, friggin old and I have not had surgery/operation.. none. I just feel for him, but I have a feeling he thinks this is just part of life. You know, Troyking was the same way.. always under the knife. I just feel bad.. I don't even have any unforgiving issues, and Iam the biggest selfish brat at times..

Speaking of being a brat, I did 'donate' my XMas candies to someone.. I try to eat healthy. Yesterday, I was on drugs again so I was like, la la land. I hated it.. atleast I know I wouldn't hack it as a druggie... The only other time was when I really hurt my back I took morphines for a month.. and I could still feel the pain.. I did OD.. not funny but OMG, the feeling.. I never had that feeling before.. I could hear my heart beating in my ears.. people talking seems so far away.. and it took me a long time to get to one room to another... it sure didn't matter if I fell or something because I couldn't care less if I did.. my body was just a body.. and I slept the months away. One day, I woke up and found out I was out of meds.. and I panicked... WOW!! You can actually recover from it. Well, this morning.. I said UCK!! I am not taking that thing again, it sucked.

Going to bed now.. I am tired..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January 7, 2009

You know, I am beginning to think I really do have ADHD problem, seriously!! I read some of my writings and I am bouncing or I never finish to the point.. I know a couple of my nephews have ADHD, thanks to our family dysfunctional blessings. Or maybe, just maybe I am a hypochondriac. So, yah yah.. I need to work on being focused here.

I was just thinking about what my neice said about being a fan.. yah we had our laughs, and the whole sha-bang was utterly ridiculous.. I still laugh about it, she asked me what happened that it just went.. DROP.. and moved on. I told her, it's not a relationship.. just a zing-zang, really nothing there.. being a fan doesn't mean you are having a relationship.

I am seeing relationship in a way different way, I guess, then a lot of people. Maybe we all have our own different views. Relationship, I am thinking, is more out of our own EXPECTATION. We mentally jot down what we want and when that isn't met, then we fire verbal bullets to our other half. Basically I am cool about a lot of things, but when I see it's being leniently used... that just stings my behind and I ain't nice about it. And if the other half is working hard about certain things, I give my respect and support. I have always been a giving person, and now after what we went through, I am more strict.

Although I am not so laid back anymore, I observe and see if the change is coming. After forgiving and forgiving.. I have become a mean old lady.. I wonder if that's normal.. But I am so disgusted with constantly repeating the same scene over and over.. and I would just rather toss it and move on. However, I guess it's called love, keeps me from turning away but to keep on working on it. I have to admit, there are more days I am so thankful he is still in my life. I give him a big hug everyday and wish him a wonderful day. And I meant every one of them. Things we go through in our life prepares us and as a good friend said "Life molds us", and I have been thinking about that... it really does.

Grandson wants my attention right now.. So I better get off and tend to him.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 16, 2009


I am just sitting here this afternoon and wondering what I should really be doing. I am waiting for Grandson to wake up. I plan on taking him to the 'BIG Parking Lot' so he can ride his bike. I know with this weather he doesn't like being stuck in the house.

Oprah is one of my favorite shows to watch so, why not? They're talking about being healthy. Remember when I said I want to become healthy.. Well, I will have to. I told Rey I would teach him skiing, and have him wrestling, rodeoing, and all kinds of stuff by a month or so. Already I am running around after him when he rides his 'little' bike without training wheels. OMGosh!! I run out of breath... thank good golly o molly it's cold outside. Otherwise I would be sweating like crazy..

O! So being healthy? LOL!!! The minute that was posted.. I went to Chili's and had a blast. My belly was a happee belly.. and we laid around the television and just went crazy doing nothing. That's the way it's been for the holidays.. WELL, I think it's time to pull the plug. You know what the killer in my intentions are?? Fast food and restuarants!!! O they are the work of the devil!!! ha ha ha.. I'm telling ya.. I am putting a STOP to this ridiculous habit!! Starting...ahhhh.. hmmm.. maybe... no no maybe's... like now.. I will donate all the candies to whomever comes around.. Yeah, that's it.. that's what I'm gonna do.. donate them to someone..

Friday, December 26, 2008

December 26, 2008

Ain't nada happening.. Xmas came and went, all seemed spoiled and laid around by the fireplace with fat bellies. Grandson thinks SC is a cool dude.. WTH huh??? He makes me laugh.

All is cool.. Hope ya all had a wonderful Xmas!!

Giants better start winning more games and make it to the Superbowl.. or else they are ALL FIRED!!!

My Clarabelle is NOT a Clarabelle but a friggin DOUGLAS... Crap-O-La!! Ha ha ha

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanks TAI ..tagz can b fun..

Here is a tag...Have fun all!!!

20 years ago:
1. Young and struggling with life.
2. Young and stupid.
3. Young and waking up to take life on a better road.

10 years ago:
1. Happy with my accomplishments.
2. Been faithful to the church.
3. Life was looking good.

5 years ago:
1. Giving and helping people.
2. Had gotten too serious.
3. Was on the go all the time, non-stop.

3 years ago:
1. Quit everything to focus on a child.
2. Constant researching.
3. Finding a new path to destruction.

1 year ago:
1. Fell through the cracks.
2. Struggling again.
3. Travel, travel, and travel alone in the dark.

So far this year:
1. Got myself back in order.
2. Looking for a new project that will contribute to many kids on the reservation.
3. Know who are my 'family' and true 'friends'. Thanks for your support.

1. We made a nice Birthday Dinner for my mom.
2. Thanked her for being our mom in front of everyone. And meant it.
3. NY Giants stinkin lost.. (still whining about it..yep, I'm a whiner).

1. Taking our ferrets to the Vet for check-up and shots.
2. Pay our bills.
3. Spend all my gracious time with Grandson, and my hard-working husband.

1. Enroll Grandson into swimming lessons.
2. Make more phone calls to become a host.
3. Finish a secret project I started.

Next year:
1. Re-accomplish what I wasted.
2. Pending if we are still in NM, project should have a smooth run.
3. Go back into CAREER field.. yayyy!! Maybe start a new business.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

December 04,2008

This morning after I dropped Grandson off at school, I saw a scrawny High School kid driving a COBRA Mustang!! EGAD!! I wanted to yank him outta there and tell him to hoof it!! O' I could hear it growling.. awww my love affair with mustangs...

Last week I tripped when I stepped on my tongue, I saw a beautiful dark blue Mach 1, I say 2003.. I heard it coming when I got out of SAFEWAY and coming around the corner, I heard that lovely sound and I looked... yeahh there it was.. glistening like a beautiful horse in the pasture... into the parking lot. Ooooh ho ho ho..

I have another one 650HP Shelby two blocks over, every morning around 4:30 a.m. I hear it start up. My eyes open and I lay there listening and a smile crept over my face.. ten minutes or so I hear it going up the road until it hit the main road, then..... BARGHHHHHHHhhh, BARGHHHhhh.... BARGHHHHHHhhhhh.... BARRGHhhhhhhhh... and off it fades off. That is like having an energy drink for the day..

Boy O Boy... I hafta find a way to live in Florida.. They have the biggest Mustang Convention there.. Boyyyy.. I don't think I will ever go home..

Saturday, November 29, 2008

November 29, 2008

Arizona Cardinals and NY Giants!! WHOOOO WEeee!!! That was friggin AWESUM!!!! Victorious!! In a couple of weeks we are flying to Irving to watch Cowboys get dumped by NY GIANTS! (I'm hoping!) It should be a great game. Otherwise it was a expensive trip and tickets just to watch us get slammed.. oUCH!***

Although he had it coming.. like always (Just kidding), my husband did a wonderful job with the meal. OMG!!! Is he a great cook!! He made every just right.. and we are all still thanking him for the dinner. I, Miss Can'tgetitright, did the other stuff like keep the fire going, keep Grandson in line.. ha ha.. and keep an eye on the worthless games.. really the games were like not worth watching.. I really wanted the Titans to get.. ummmm u no.. but they won..

I am just now updating our GPS systems so it gives me time to babysit and goof around online. I left my camera in the work truck so I have not uploaded any photos yet.

We have been out doing things.. like towing and visiting those slackers and all the good stuff. Grandson is on break for now. Right now he is really on 'break', he is napping.. I can hear him snoring, just like me. LOL!

I was typing up a list of Thankful stuff.. but it's my family, my home, my animals, and everyone here and there, and up there.. and maybe down there too.. everywhere. Yesterday I blessed all the 'roadkills' and the potentials. Have you ever been to the REZ??? Animal control??? I don't think they know what it means.

O GREAT!! I just slobbed all over my Collectors Sweatshirt.. That's what I get for mouthing, huh? Well, I better go clean it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Clarabelle and Arthur

These are the new 'kids' (kits) in the house. They are totally awesum, but smellie and messy. WE handle them everyday and I think they are getting a bit spoiled by that..

I had to make Clarabelle in BW cuz.. she's white and just blends into everything.. hmmm...

Some BW Photos

Moving Grandson.. This is just in Front of the T.V.

..I thought why not? I want to buy a good digital camera.. maybe Canon, and take some more interesting photos. I am back into liking this photo business again. It is fun.. my camera is slow on speed. Puke.
You know, when I was going to somewhere, I don't remember right now. I wanted to get the next best cam on the market and I bought one.. back then it was mega thing to get and I bought it online for $500.00.. tell ya, it ain't worth a crap. I used the one I took to Hawaii to take these and they come out better..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November 19, 2008

Ha ha ha ha...

Some people asked me "What did you get??" .. Really now? A few cds ( yeah still love music), GPS; incase I go travelling again. 2 ferrets.. well just one, but like everything, I have to have a friend for it. Since Grandson has a hamster, I told Jeff the other ferret would be his.. we named them Clarabelle (She's mine) and Arthur (That's Jeff). Clarabelle looks like a white albino.. with Pinkest Red eyes, and Jeff is brown.. I forget what they call them.. But when I have time I will post their photos. Cricut for my scrapbooking.. it's the special off the tv so it won't be in 'til a few weeks.. Great for XMAS too.. and SPA, plus Haircut.. Then ticket to NFL Game in Phoenix... YAYYYYYY!! Somehow, I have a big fan of NFL!! I am rooting for the NY Giants!!! Well, everything was just in a flash, then we went home.

Rey.. ha ha.. I took funny pictures of him.. Check him out in the Grandson Blog. Wait though, I have NOT posted his picture.. Not yet. I am trying to keep up with this blog before I lose track of it again..

It's nice to have gifts, but I would rather have relatives and friends company than anything.. Really. I would like to visit, and see things. Gifts feels like 'pay off' to me, perhaps I got them only when something went wrong and it was a 'make-up'.. more like a pay-off. Since then, I really don't care for them.. Yah next thing you know, I will be out travelling a lot again.. ha ha ha.. how convenient!! Ain't that something? Maybe just be happy for what you got, when you get it, and mostly be happy with what you are blessed with!! That's important! The blessings.

Today is a beautiful day, and my best thing is to just enjoy it. Grandson is off today, so we are gonna have a day together. We usually eat out, but it's nice to take him places.. so maybe to the kiddy museum.. and a movie. Sound good?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 18, 2008

First of all, I would like to say Happy Birthday to John. Every time this day comes around I think of Nicole's Little One.. I am sure he isn't little anymore, but a young man.

Today, I have cast aside all the toxies that go into my body. Out with the candies, the sodas, the junk food.. and the list goes on. And am hugging my water bottle, that will be my outlet until my cravings subside. It's gonna be a battle but well worth it.

I spent time with my horses this morning and talked to them. Rey's little Chew-Chew is usually the good listener. He is onery, and lil ponies can be, but he is a good listener.

One day I got in the middle of Chew-Chew and Gentle Ben. They were in a bickering contest.. Ben was being onery..and Chew-Chew is always onery, so being that.. I got bit for picking on both of them. And that stickin hurted. That was a lesson to be learned. Although, I was the leader.. I had no business goofing around the two when they were bickering.

Today, I took Grandson to school, and now I will be taking him to his dentist. He is a good lil'one. I think he has surpassed many fears little kiddies have. We went to buy hay the other day, and he saw his friend. His friend is a year older, so they played and played and they started climbing the bales, and Grandson started jumping off one then to bale to bale like a little monkey. His friend stopped and whined until his father came to get him, and said for a little boy Grandson had no fear. In my heart, it swelled with pride. Not because he was tough, but he had no fear and had no care in the world.. great confidence!

I better start looking for a book to keep him busy with at the dentist's office. And it is time to go.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

November 15, 2008

I got up this morning and feed the horses, the dogs, the ferrets (early Birthday gift), and the fish. Then I started cleaning up the house. It all started with the sliding glass doors. Then scrubbing here and there.. ya know, the laundry room and the bathroom (haven't got to mine yet). Then I went back out when my Thunder Girl started banging on the water trough, they've ran out of water.. no problem, filled it up just like that. I came back in and started wiping this and that. I tried to be quiet, with the stereo on low, Jeff is still sleeping and Rey is playing in his room. He started liking puzzles and cards. Only cuz I took away his train set (Thomas and Friends) he was getting wayy obsessed with it. We got him all the trains, and more and more tracks.. he knew all of them by name and he would looke at the book and find more 'friends'. Well that was enough for me and I took it away. Compulsive behavior at four..please! gimme a break already!! Jeff stirred in his sleep when I walked by to get more cleaning crap from our bathroom, so I came back with a vacuum and started up the whole house. Yep! Got'er done!! Now, chores are done and over with, IN the morning!! Yayy!!

Hubby says get a meal, so I drove into town.. tempting racing with all the hayseeds, but had no bite. O well. I just drove in silence it's a good ten mile drive one way into town. On my way, I thought about what Jim said wayy back when. I sez to myself 'you know...' Oooops!! Power Outage.. had to reboot and thought to myself.

I have started eating healthy meals now for the last week and I like feeling nice and light, with more energy and thought quite more clearly now... I tells meself.. hey why not? I should give up the bad habits and start being healthy again and go back to the gym. Afterall I have money put aside for the membership.. Hmmm... Sounds good, and why not?? So, I thought I would start a blog on my 'Become Healthy Once Again". Gonna give it a shot.. back to vitamins, take my meds everyday, and exercise.. What could go wrong with that? And not only that, I would do it during the time Grandson is in school. On Wednesday I can take him swimming with me.. or the park or the basketball court at the gym... Why not??

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mustang, Ohh YAH!!

My Spurs that Jingle Jangle

So many years ago (like five years ago), I pulled out my cool looking jingle spurs out in our Shiprock home. They were black and silver with spades/clover inlays. The Rowel was brass and the jingles were silver. They were so cool looking to me. Anyway, I got my gal all saddled up... she looked real pretty with the shining concho outfit, the saddle, the breastcollar, the headstall, the tie down, the reins, you know.. the works. My pardner on the other hand sighs at me and quiet disgusted with me about wanting to look 'cool' in front of my rez neighbors.

I stroll, loving that jingle noise (ching cling ching cling), kinda give them an extra stomp to make me sound heavier and meaning business. I could envision myself in a Saloon. (Cling cling cling) Across the room and yell for a cold mug of beer, light my stogie, and prop my boots on the bar. Those spurs would be shining so bright, lighting up the whole bar.... well back to reality. I hop on my horse, shake my boots again to hear it jingle.. (I smile to my satisfaction). Off we went, I could hear my pardner snicker something, but I didn't care.. we rode in silence mostly, every now and then we'd make small conversation.

We rode all the way up to the nearest turn off (Red Valley, AZ), and every so often I would shake my boots just to hear my jingles cling into action. Everytime when a passing vehicle would honk, I would think my jingle was attracting all the attention to us, whether it's true or not, but in my mind the dang things was HOT looking and very noticeable.

On the way back, knowing the horses are bored silly prodding along the lonely road my pardner sez to me "Hey! (Snaps me back to reality) let's race to the second turn off." Knowing I love to race, I nod at him like I was bad to the bone. He gives his gelding a HEYP!! My girl knows it's a race and hauls up (bunching up her hind quarters) and takes off. I can feel all her back end working like it should. I can feel her shifting gears. Her nose stuck out, and I let the reins go, after all, my only job was to keep us balanced and make sure my footings were right, the rest is her job. We were up two horse length and I was dang proud of my girl.

On the small second hill, I was all gong-ho about this race, and my pardner was still wayyy back there.. I had it, I was gonna win this like nothing!! Heck, me and my jingle spurs.. we got it, dang right we were gonna win. SHhhhh wosh!! SLAP!! A big black hefty bag (Prolly Glad too) slap into the power pole. My girl, she freaked out. She screeched to a stop, and hopped to the right, all in a seconds time. I felt myself go forward, I was still going straight, she on the other hand was beside me. Uh oh, I thought. 'Here I go' is all I thought in my mind, but not if I can help it. I grabbed the reins, well that was no help, because my reins were split and long. So I desperately grabbed for the mane as quickly as possible. Well, dang thing ain't worth nada if you put Mane-n-Tail Shine On on it, they slipped right through my fingers like silk. By now, I am right under her nose. I grabbed the headstall but I knew that would rip right off of her (ha ha ha with my weight), so I reached for the reins again this time closer to the bit. I can feel her slowing down. THIS IS WHEN I noticed my right jingle spur was caught up in the back cinch!!! When she was closer to stopping I tried to scoot myself back up, but I was too far hanging down. Finally my girl stopped, she just looked at me with her beautiful black eyes and long eyelashes like "Whatcha doin'??" Her eyes blinking so innocently.. yah right.. I thought.

In the meantime, my pardner, he was laughing so hard he had rolled off his horse and doubled over. yah yah yah.. When he was finished with his first belly cramping laugh he looked in my direction and I sez to him "Shooot Dude, help me out here? Don't be in such a hurry now." He didn't know if he should keep laughing abit more or to really help.

Needless to say he had so much fun that day, mimicking me, reliving everything I did in those last few seconds. And he would show me like how I was plucking at her mane...Yeah, yeah yah.. ha ha ha, I sez.. And yahhh.. that was the last time I wore those jingle spurs.

One Night

When we were just starting up our business, my husband and I, we did P.I. work. My husband was a professional Chef in Las Vegas, NV., for many years and he did very well financially. Well, here in the Four Corners, that don't pay much at all here, so we did what we could to get by. P.I. was a lot of work, we built clients up like nothing. We were helping the Bail Bondsmen, Credit Agencies, Individuals, you name it they wanted help.

One night, on our way home I was so tired and cold, I rolled up like a cat in the front seat of the car. I had taken a couple of my pain medication that usually helped me get out of my misery and put me to sleep in a heart beat, well with that I dozed right off. We had an Oldsmobile then, and it felt so good to snuggle into that seat, and rested my head on the armrest. I stared at my husband in a loving way and I sure felt content. My husband knew I had problems with being cold, so he covered me with his Levi jacket with wool inside, and I covered the jacket over my head so that it covered my whole body. I drifted off to sleep feeling at ease, I could feel the heater turned to high somewhere during the process of my drowsiness. Every so often I would hear him say something or muttering, I didn't pay much attention to it, I was soundly asleep by now.

I heard him cuss about being pulled over, but in my mind I was off and away to the dream world. In my dream I kept hearing loud tapping and it seemed like every second it was getting louder and louder, then I heard a voice say "Ma'am, can you hear me?!" I dozed right off again. The tapping got louder again, and I was getting ornery. I looked straight ahead of me, and I saw the lights in the console and the radio was still playing and everything blurred away into sleep. I hear "Body in the car! Body in the car! Body in the car!" Figuring it was the radio I drifted off again, this time I heard banging on the window. I hear my husband saying something, practically yelling. I heard the officers telling him to lay down on the pavement. I squinted and tried to look with all my might at the figure that's watching and demanding something I wasn't comprehending. "MA'AM! MA'AM, are you alright?!" I just looked at him and nodded. Again, the officers in the back were wrestling with my husband and he is trying to justify himself. I put my head back on the arm rest and off to sleep I went again. The banging awakened me again, this time the officer wanted me to roll down the window, I did just what he asked and this time I sat up. He asked me if I was alright and how do I know the man that was driving the car. I looked at the steering wheel and inside the car, sure enough it's our car. I looked through the back window and they had good ol'hubby against the trunk. The officer asked me again, and I look at him and wondered why he kept asking me.. I sure thought for a bit.. Finally going through all of my mischief ideas and thoughts, I thought I should do the right thing and say "Yes, it's my husband."

Could you imagine what would of happened to him if I said NO? and I have been DRUGGED by this white man??? I laughed and told good ol'hubby about it. He said he would have been so mad at me.

Gettin' Even

When we were attending the LDS church. He was the President of the Quorum, and I took care of all the editorial and announcements in our church, I really enjoyed the calling. So when we left the house we were all dressed up nice and presentable, with brief cases in our hands. This was serious business.

It was a beautiful day, we were in the middle of the fall season. Our tree had already started to shed it's leaves, and the grass was already dying out some. The neighbors were out doing their chores on keeping their yard looking immaculate. Well, in order to get your vehicle you have to walk down the stairs and unto the small slope pathway to the driveway.

This is a regular routine, not hard to get it done. Somehow, I twist my ankle and take a tumble down the stairs. My husband is about 10 feet in front of me, walking as he usually does to the truck. I, on the other hand I can't imagine why I didn't grab the handrail, there I go tumbling and rolling down the stairs, down the pathway, on to our lawn.. When I was almost done rolling down, I landed face down, so I roll some more so I 'm face up. You think good ol'hubby came to my aid?? No, he just stops and looks at me seriously and says "What are you doing? C'mon we need to get going, quit goofing around." I sat up spitting out the dry grass and pull the leaves out of my long curly hair.

When I got up, I noticed one of my neighbors across the street were laughing at me. I had a dress on, I was thinking OMG!! Did they see my undies?? OMG!! I quickly got up and tossed my behind in the truck. Later that year, the neighbors became good friends of mine.

You know.. For not assisting my dire need that fateful afternoon, I got my hubby back that spring. How? Let me tell you how. His brother had bought a Suzuki something-something, don't remember, it was a dirt bike. So, hubby just had to have one too. No problem, he got one. Well, they were racing around doing little nonsense tricks with their bike. His brother squeals his back tires and make it smoke on our drive way. I didn't say anything, since to them it was a time of their lives. Well, when hubby did it, the bike took off without him, he fell on the driveway.. I was laughing, and having a time of my life. He gets mad at me and asks me if I was gonna help him up. I sez "No, why you needa Wahbulance??" I just kept laughing at him while he boiled. Hey, what can I say? It was friggin funny…

Quiz for Fun: HUSBAND TEST

Husband TagHere are the rules: At the end of this tag, you tag 4 people and post their name, then go to their blogs and let them know they have been tagged.

!Problem Already! I used to just 'store' my writings on BLOGGER, so I don't have anyone else to tag. Bummer.. Maybe I'll just draw up anyone.. ha ha ha...

What is your husbands name? Jeff - (I hate to admit when he told me his name was 'Jeff', I thought how boring.. then his last name? I was like 'HUH?'.
How long have you been married? 18 years? Gosh..
How long did you date? I'm hitting Alheimers Disease, I don't remember.
How old is he? Wayyy up there, I can tell ya that.. O let's see.. about 46?
Who eats sweets? We both do, and we're horrible. We make midnight runs to the store.
Who said I Love you first? I don't remember.. Maybe him, he's nuts like that..
Who is taller? Definitely him.. I am a shorty..
Who can sing best? HA HA HA.. neither one of us.. we make the neighborhood dogs cry.
Who is smarter? I guess both.. I would say him.. his brain is like glue.. everything sticks in there.
Who does laundry? He does.. on special occassion or begged, I do.
Who pays the bills? He does... him and his money are very tight like that..
Who sleeps on the right side? When I'm bossy and want to watch tv, I do. Otherwise he does. But he has to roll over, I like snuggling behind him. He is nice and warm.. Big one too... LOL!!
Who mows the lawn? Blah!! That's what the neighborhood kids are for..
Who cooks dinner? Restuarants and Fastfoods.. Special Days he does, well I pitch in too.. Sometimes when I'm up for it I'll cook and it shocks him.
Who drives? Both of us do, I got my mustang and he has his truck.
Who kissed who first? I don't remember, I plead the fifth. I think we both got sloppy.. who knows.. What the heck, it's hormones.. I don't remember, it's a blur.. At this age, there ain't no tellin'.
Who asked who out first? I don't remember that either.. Hmmm.. maybe he did.. I was young and stupid.. anyone coulda asked me out and I'd be dumb enough to follow. I dunno.

November 14, 2008

I am just sitting here with the radio playing on low volume. The Hip station. Good O spouse is frustrated with Cali Freeway, and now looking for diesel.. ha ha ha. I have to laugh at this sometimes.

I look at Grandson, and he slobbed all over my pillow.. I just look the other way. What's more enjoyable then seeing a sleeping child. Content and loved. No worries.

Hubby grumbles something about 'FREAKS', and they should be kept in the zoo. I told him to yell 'FREAKS' at them and have fun. Eee he he, I probably would if I was by myself. I am a mischief. I was one of them, when I think of it, and he knows it. I even laugh harder at the thought. He looks at me and thinking.. "Who is she texting now?" I tell him I'm blogging.

I am to do all the 'navagating' to our destination. At least, he let's me doing all the thinking while he carries the frustration. I didn't bring my glasses or wearing my contacts- so there you go baby, you are on your own. Whiz how hard could it be?? He doesn't like my driving, but I get around..ooh a bit more agressively.

We will be home soon.. more like tomorrow. Right now, I'm enjoying the 'Freaks' and cruising the freeway with ease in my own little world. This is where tuning out comes in handy.

Would I like to live in LA?? Oh yeahhh.. But I wouldn't raise Grandson here, I rather he lives in the Country and small towns. Then I can yank his liddle behind and tell him.. HAVE FUN!! Yah right. I would rather he goes on to college, and take a decent professional career. Right now he wants to be like Grandpa. Sometimes he talks just like him.. and it makes me laugh. Yah, true.. he even acts like him.. he he he he... it's funny.

I was just looking at my husband and thought about our relationship.. GAWD!! It's like crap and roses in a well blended soup. But sometimes I see him as my 'husband', not what had happened. He is doing everything to patch up the boo-boo. I guess I have to give him credit for doing what he can.. I dunno. We passed the Mormon Temple and he pulled over and said a prayer and had a little stroll. He said he had an overwhelmed feeling.. I see the tears in his eyes. HMmmmm, what could it be??

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Friend, My Backbone...

This is my true friend for the last 20 years. Every time I fall he is there to help me up. He is pratically my everything in the world. Never does he talk down to me or has made me feel bad. In his intellectual ways he has therapuetic verbal skills to coax my behind back on the right path. A true friend that he is. I can't imagine how it would be without him.

Thanks VdlC for being a friend!

Who's been rockin my world??

Derek is like... yikes!!! O he is very friendly.. But he has to be right? It's his job, well "YNot!" I took advantage of that and yacked up a storm with him at the Native Festival in Colorado. O that was totally stinkin AWESUM!!! Funny thing is, he knew it was me from Myspace. He laughed.. at the end I shook his hand like 20 times (aw Hot Dang! I couldn't help it!).. and he just had a crazy grin on his face. Probably.. ...Dang! Get this crazy woman away from me. LOL
But Heck.. It was cool, he came to NM once more, but I was in Denver at the time of his show.. that sucked. Real badly.

How did I get to be a Derek Miller Fan? OMG!

When I was younger.. wayyy back before you alls were born, I had a Northern Sioux Friend. We were just friends, and we worked together. Well, one day he asked if I would like to have lunch with him at Pizza Hut. No problem.. We made a pit stop by the creek in SLC,UT. Back then, I was n2mj.. While we were having our lunch, he smiles widely and sez.. "Didja know I'm a vampire?" Well, HELLOO! F'g Freak Out.. DANGG, those fangs!! I left and I never saw him again.. I dunno what became of him, I went back to NM.. yep, just like that.

One day, I was looking for Tom Bee, former xit band, I found his website and mosied around in there and I found this video. I was like HOT DANG that looks like so and so... and I started to laugh about the whole stupid incident. Then I looked for more Derek Miller stuff and found him on myspace. I pestered and pestered him about coming to Four Corners area.. And YAY!! There he be.. I was like HOLY MOLY!!!!

The second I saw him and his guitar on his back ( I knew it was him ) I grabbed O Hubby and slammed the camera in his hand and told him "Go take his picture NOW".. hubby was like "Who?" I sez "HIM!!" I saw him walking to the crowded area to check in.. OMG!! Hubby shakes his head at me and left with the camera.. and I dunno what they were talking about, but I was like.. Lemme see! Lemme see!.. Well, the picture was fuzzy, and he got me the wrong cd.. I already had bought one online.. so I sent him back.. Again, I got the look. My poor paws were shaky and sweaty.. Later, after the show I went there to get his autograph.. I tried so hard not to look so excited. He looked at me, he smiled and I smiled back.. Then, dang my mouth.. that betraying mouth of mine.. turned into a big grin.. I reached over and shook his hand and told him 'thanks and keep the change'. I turned back to look at him again, he winked and smiled.. he he he he I thought. The next night, my crazy gurl went with me to get our pictures taken together. O, she has a BIG mouth.. so yep we chatted a bit and took pictures.. After his show, he left the stage.. he rocked the place so well, they were chanting for him to play one more song.. then it got quiet.. I yelled PLEASE!!!! Then HELLO, he came back on and played one more song. I was like EEEK!!!!

Yeap.. I got his important bio papers, and promo videos, and merchandise.. it's totally rawkin BIG X.


This is Mickey.. not his real name, of course. We usually give everyone a nickname.. But he is my nephew. We get the pleasure of having him in our home from time to time. I miss him so much. Just a little guy out in the BIG world. I love him so much. He was 'my' baby when he was here. I took him everywhere I could... I wish I didn't have to give him back to his mom.





Grandson's Halloween

Grandson had a couple of Halloween nights and a Halloween Day. I dressed him up in the dark outfit. We took him to a Carnival filled with games and activities and snacks. It was fun. I had fun, and I think everyone had fun. I was busy laughing like an idiot at some games. They were halirious!! The next day, he wanted to dress as PowerRanger...for skool.. it wasn't cool for him, so he took it off and wore regular clothes. His mummy got him a Thomas outfit. I think he looks really like a..ahem.. mommy's boy. They took him out... we really thought they were gonna be gone so we hit the job market, not even an hour later they dropped him off. So we took him with us to our job, and he goofed around with his toys.. that's the goofy glasses.. That was our Grandson's Halloween. All was good, but he doesn't care for all the monsters.. really now that he knows they don't even exist.